The Evening reading group have read – “The Joy Luck Club”


joyThe September read for the group was “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan. It’s a story about mothers and daughters, and how immigrants cope and change when they move to a new country. Four Chinese women move to American just after the Second World War and set up a Mah-jong club where they play for money whilst eating. The story develops into their four stories along with the stories of their four daughters to provide sixteen stories in total. So whilst it’s not a book of short stories that is how it seems because although the stories are interlocking they are also separate in many ways. The themes include families, relationships (particularly between mothers and daughters) as well as how people change when they move to a new country and how the children of immigrants often do not wish to look into the past.There were very few dissenting voices for this book – the group enjoyed the book very much. which is definitely something in its favour. Overall though, highly recommended.

Our October read is “The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Finnish author Pasi Jaaskelainen and we meet to discuss this on the 28th October. November will feature “The room” by Emma Donoghue and in December we are reading “Lowland” by Lahiri. The programme for next year is filling up too and there are plenty of interesting books ahead.

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