I Am Pilgrim Recommended by Michael


I Am Pilgrim is a spy thriller but it is so much more than that. It is I am pilgrimdriven by the stories of a large number of interlocking, interweaving lives, led by the Pilgrim and the man that has become his mission in life to catch before he wreaks Armageddon on the world, the Saracen. Both men are supported by a network of aides, almost all secret, but the trail that leads one man to hunt another is tortured by dead ends, false leads, sacrifice, courage and treachery. The narrative style is compelling and although the story builds through a complex plot you are pulled through it by short chapters, well selected hooks and   a momentum to the plot that leaves you not wanting to switch the light out.I picked up I Am Pilgrim from a display of books at Artizan street library knowing very little  about it, other than that it was not my usual sort of read at all. Yet I was utterly enthralled by this astonishing novel and devoured this 700 page epic wishing as I was coming to the end of it that there was another 700 pages longer.

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