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The Lemon is in Play

“The Lemon Is In Play”


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Cabin Pressure ; radio comedy recommended by Paul

51Nx49KTdZL._SS500_Finding a Radio Comedy show that combines consistently high quality scripts, a stellar cast performance every episode and has an air steward named Arthur in it is very rare. That is until you listen to Radio 4’s Cabin Pressure by John Finnemore.

There’s Roger Allams’ been there done that sky god and super schemer, who’s mastery of the dry put down makes the Gobi desert look like a tropical paradise. There is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Captain Crieff, a man who spends more time at sea than in the air. There’s acerbic Caroline Knapp-Shappey, CEO of MJN Airline, or at least the owner of MJN air’s sole plane Gertie.

And of course, there is an air steward called Arthur; son of Caroline Knapp-Shappey, inventor of fizzy yoghurt and the yellow car game, he is infinitely upbeat at the worst of times, finding everything brilliant. As is this show: brilliant.

So the seatbelt sign is on. The travelling lemon is in play. Now just sit back and enjoy your flight.

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