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Rivers of London Recommended by Sian

Rivers of London Recommended by Sian

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Inspector Montalban by Andrea Camrillei evening reading group

image-smallOur August read saw the group tackling some of the Inspector Montalbano novels by Andrea Camrillei. We decided not to all read the same novel, but everyone could chose one of their choice. In the end a few of the group read more than one (four being the record!) and watched the TV series that features on BBC4 too. So what did everyone think? Overall the group were very positive and enjoyed the novels, even those who do not normally read crime fiction. They were easy to read, not too long and they all seemed to have something of interest, from the character of Montalbano himself to how he depicted Italian (and particularly Sicilian) society. The books are notoriously difficult to read in Italian as they feature much local dialect but we thought they worked pretty well in English. The translation was odd in places but we suspect that was entirely related to the dialect. The storylines were good and we like the way that Montalbano would twist the rules at times but he was always fighting against the corruption inherent in Italian and Sicilian society and when it came to what was important he was always do what he thought was right. We liked the way certain themes cropped up, his relationship with Livia and the depictions of and his love of food. We also discussed the impact the TV series had had and it was interesting to note that many of the group were going to take a look at some of the episodes after having read the books.

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