rosieThe lunchtime reading group’s book this month was Graeme Simison’s The Rosie Project. I suppose we all make lists at one time or another. Maybe even in the dark lonely winter nights we draw up a “to look for” list when trying to find a new partner when we’ve been dumped and vow never to make the same mistakes again.

However Don, Asperger’s sufferer and lectuer at Melbourne University, has taken list making to a whole new level. In fact he’s turned it into an art form. He has devised a sixteen page questionaire for potential wives to fill in. It’s called The Wife Project. This one list will have unforeseen consequences and Don’s ordered and precise life is going to changeĀ  radically because he’s going to meet the most unsuitable person in the world in the shape of Rosie.

The group almost unanimously loved this book. We marvelled at Don’s structured life which is finely honed down to the last second so no time is ever wasted. A perfect example of this we thought was the fact that he had two timescales for showering as he factored in thirty seconds longer if he washed his hair! Some of the group thought that it was perhaps a bit predictable in parts but the author’s style of writing made it such an easy book to read. Indeed some group members read it in twenty-four hours because they said it was “impossible to put down”

It is a genuinely funny book with real laugh out loud moments. We liked how Don and Rosie’s friendship develops as he helps her try to find her biological father through some very odd ways of collecting DNA from the candidates. Their adventures together are entertaining, amusing and at times poignant. We couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Don and the character Sheldon from the “Big Bang Theory”.

Don’s novel use of a skeleton which he uses to teach himself to dance but without using music is really funny reading but his secondary use of it to practice the more intimate bedroom arts in his work office and being interrupted by the University dean is priceless. As is the fact that he has to produce a document when flying, informing security guards of his “Genius Alien” status so he can get through immigration after being deported from America for being “weird”.

This is not you’re run of the mill romance and it’s probably all the better for it. We thought The Rosie Project was great fun, not without faults but well worth a read. Put it on ” your to do list”

The lunchtime reading group will be meeting on the 24th April to discuss: The hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.


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