image-mediumIn early July we met to discuss The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This was a completely different book to the Lessing. Again it is a first novel it’s the story of two magicians who have different ideas on the best way to train apprentice magicians, a continuation of a rivalry that has been going on from hundreds of years. They have a competition to see whose apprentice will win – and as a result survive. One uses his own daughter Celia, the other a boy he has adopted Marco. The arena for the challenge is The Cirque des Reves, the Night Circus of the title. So what is the story about? It’s about the circus which is a magical place with a cast of interesting characters, it’s about the challenge between the magicians protégées and it’s about a fantastical world where often nothing is as it seems. It’s a difficult book to categorise –is it a fantasy book? Was it just pitched to appeal to the “Twilight” fans? Who knows, but it’s certainly a book that can be described as magical.


The group on the whole enjoyed the book although there were some infuriating moments which drove us spare at times. It was certainly different and we are now waiting to see what her next book will be like.

Leslie King

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