image-small (4)Our May book was The grass is singing by Doris Lessing. It’s the story of Dick Turner, a farmer scratching an existence from farming in Rhodesia. He gets married to Mary, a town girl who hates living in the bush. Mary cannot cope with this life and her relationship with Moses (the black cook) forms the basis of the rest of the story. This was Lessing’s first novel and bearing that in mind it is an excellent read. The story is not easy and you are certainly not going to get any happy endings but it is gripping nonetheless. The oppressive sense of Africa with heat and poverty comes over very well and you can almost see Mary visibly wilting as you read the book, stumbling from one horror to the next. It is a brutal book that will leave you feeling pummelled afterwards but all the better for that.


Overall there were mixed feelings from the group about the book. We all recognised the craft of the writing but when it came to whether or not we enjoyed the book the opinions were mixed, but I think we were all glad that we had read it.

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