85-13The Drone’s Drone Bertie Wooster, who again manages to get into a considerable number of scrapes (though it must be noted that this is because he is usually trying to help out his friends) and Jeeves who has to use all his ingenuity to help him out of them. At various points in the story Wooster is threatened with an unwelcome marriage, accused of theft, threatened with violence, attacked by a dog and at one stage ends up in jail. And that’s all without coming under critical scrutiny of domineering Aunts. It’s almost impossible to dislike the book as it is humorous and also well written. It is very English though, and also very much of an era although I was surprised to find it was actually written in 1963. In some ways the characters don’t have much depth but that does build up as you invest more time discovering P.G Woodehouse’s world of Jeeves and Wooster. Of course, it could be Wooster has no depth! Bertie the product of England’s best school’s and University, yet hasn’t sunk so low as to actually gain employment of any kind. It is marvelous to visit Woodehouse’s England of weekend house parties and riotous night’s at The Drones club. Stiff upper lip Jeeves is a joy to read and once entered, Woodehouse land is not a place you want to leave. Stiff upper lip Jeeves is in many ways a battle of wits between Bertie Wooster and Jeeves. One of the combatants has the misfortune to be totally unarmed, whilst of other is only bettered by Sherlock Holmes in the brain department. Jeeves has taken exception to Berties new Alpine hat. Being the ultimate gentleman’s gentleman this fashion eyesore has to go. The book can be enjoyed by everyone you just have to smile when you read about Bertie’s efforts to help amongst other things his friend Gussie Finkink-nottles romance. But advice from a man who is a serial engager himself is probably going to go very very wrong. Help is on hand and Jeeves will save the day.


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